On the market of Android, play store, you have the app more popoplare ever, namely the crossword, the app you can find it under the name "Crossword ITA" is an app developed for Android terminals, and supports and adapts to almost all types of terminals, from smartphones (2.3.x GINGERBREAD) to tablets, lately has been modified in order to function at their best on Android 6.0.

This app is totally FREE.

As there are many versions of phones on the market, the layout, for some of these terminals will not be perfect. For any questions or bug fixes, or checking the layout, do not hesitate to contact me.
Clicca 'here' to contact us, or write to the Forum

The Forum was developed precisely to express your opinions on any bugs or improvements to the app. Do not hesitate write well, because even if you have a problem (layout, etc.), may also be useful to other users who have the same problem.

How does the App

First of all, once you install the app, you will be asked where to save the patterns. The screen that appears is similar to this:

immagine utente

Just select the correct path (the screen you see / storage / emulated / 0), and then Save. Unfortunately, the version of Android 4.0 onwards, you can not save data to the SD card, so it will be shown only one path, which usually corresponds to the internal memory of the phone. Conversely if you are using a lower version of Android, such as 2.3.x, then in addition to the path of internal memory, you will also see that the SD card (if present).

App functionality

  • Ability to change the font size at any time, whether the scheme that the solution to be included
  • Start again the same pattern as many times as you want
  • Automatic saving of the schemes, this means you can go out and come in the app at any time without losing what you are doing
  • Automatic check for new updates
  • The list of fools is as follows
    1. List schemes started and not finished
    2. Patterns list to start
    3. Solved puzzles list
  • Automatic control of the scheme at the end resolution with red signaling eventuli errors
  • Chance to see at any time the intersection solution or the overall scheme
  • In case of anomalies or bugs app, you can send an email (automatically) with the project for better analysis
  • E 'can also send the log only app (enabled by the user and never automatically)
  • In the app settings you can enable / disable patterns that you want / do not want to show the list
  • Ability to back up / restore to Dropbox
  • Change the display mode of the solution, as a single box, or with a lot Box depending on the length of the scheme (this solution is not suitable if you use a 3x3 keypad)
  • Ability to export any chart in PDF format and be innviato email to your account
  • Decide whether you want to or not partial response within the box
  • Decide whether you want to or not if it is correct solution
  • Reset all settings

The app is also available in English, but the solutions and definitions remain in Italian. The purpose is to learn, to a foreigner, the Italian language playing.

Can download the app by clicking on the image of Android (pointing on the market) or via QR-Code


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